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The people want a Final Say – whatever the papers say

The media is often said to be 'out of touch' with the world outside the M25 – and the gulf has seldom been as wide as it is today

Could I have done more to stop Brexit?

I helped the European Commission complain about inaccurate press coverage a decade ago, but could not halt the flow of negative tabloid stories

Colombia responds to The Sun’s cocaine-related World Cup front page

Néstor Osorio says the use of the pun is ‘completely unrelated’ to Tuesday’s World Cup encounter between Colombia and England

Nasa prepares to fire Parker Solar Probe spacecraft at the Sun

We are about to get closer to our star than ever before

Grenfell Tower fire: Sun journalist 'impersonated victim's relative'

London’s Kings College Hospital says it has ‘formally written’ to the newspaper ‘and will be informing the Independent Press Standards Organisation’

Boris Johnson hails Tory win in Clwyd South despite party losing seat

Foreign Secretary was arguing that Labour's numbers were weak

Rupert Murdoch and his network of pro-Iraq War campaigners

Back in 2003, the Murdoch-owned press beat the drum for the Iraq War, but few of the key players got a mention in the Chilcot report

Kelvin Mackenzie admits 'buyer's remorse' after voting for Brexit

Mackenzie admitted his regret in the Sun which backed a Leave vote