Scientists create closest picture yet of particles at the sun’s core

It nourishes almost all life on our planet and its gravity holds our vast solar system together, yet there are few ways for scientists to study the processes that cause the sun to shine.


Scientists predict sun's dramatic death will leave spectacular nebula

Answer to 25-year problem in astronomy predicts sun will heat three times faster than expected producing intergalactic spectacle

Matthew Wright to leave the Wright Stuff after 18 years

The TV presenter has been hosting the show since it began in 2000


Kelvin MacKenzie leaves The Sun 'by mutual consent'

Former editor initially suspended over 'racist' comments about Everton midfielder Ross Barkley

McKenzie to leave The Sun as Ofcom ponders Murdoch Sky bid

In considering Fox’s bid for Sky, the regulator cannot ignore those joining the dots with controversies dogging companies in which the Murdochs have a stake



Rod Liddle suspended from Labour party for 'antisemitism comments'

Liddle believes his suspension was the result of his blog post about antisemitism within the party

The Sun defends 'Queen backs Brexit' headline despite Ipso ruling

Buckingham Palace complained about a story about the Queen allegedly venting her anger with Brussels to Nick Clegg