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Smiling and laughing, they came to decide May’s fate

Boris Johnson rushed down the corridor, dodging shouts of ‘How did you vote Boris?’ like a man escaping the scene of his crime


No-deal Brexit could cause six months of drug shortages, minister says

‘Significantly reduced access’ at major ports after EU refusal to limit border checks sparks warning six-week drug reserves will not be adequate

Boris Johnson made to apologise for failure to declare earnings

Parliamentary commissioner for standards Kathryn Stone found the breach was 'neither inadvertent nor minor'


Theresa May faces showdown with cabinet after draft Brexit deal agreed

Prime minister faced an immediate backlash from Brexiteers and DUP partners after agreement was announced

Brexit is collapsing, Brexiteers are blaming everyone else

The withdrawal agreement is not yet back from Brussels, and hard Brexiteers are already building a hard border between themselves and their own shame



Boris’ leadership chances just increased – but it doesn't matter now

Boris decided to do some homework, for a change. It's a shame for him that it's come at the wrong time – but not so much for the rest of us

Johnson imagines himself a PM in waiting. He'll be waiting a long time

He offers no solutions to the problems he caused. All he could do was raise his bicep in a kind of impotent Black Power salute and shout ‘chuck Chequers’