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Tandem, the digital bank, hits 500,000 users

Tandem offers two credit cards and a fixed saver account alongside an app 

How one stock photo agency stopped a race to the bottom in fees

Stocksy has invented a digital system for every member of the co-operative to take part in decisions

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Zlata Rodionova Can Spanish blue wine Gik make it onto our dinner tables?

The blue beverage has hopes of cornering the market for younger drinkers, writes Zlata Rodionova, but it's not without critics

The stock exchange for goods and skills in Glasgow

The exchange rate will change according to supply and demand

The startups taking on temporary spaces

Developers are opening up buildings and other spaces set for redevelopment for temporary use by startups, pop ups and the public

European banks provide £135m funding to UK online lending startup

MarketInvoice has emerged as one of the UK’s top so-called peer-to-peer lenders