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Roma review: ‘One of the best films of the year’

The Mexican filmmaker makes even the most banal moments seem lyrical in this brilliantly observed piece of filmmaking 

Papillon review: Claustrophobic remake has nothing new to say

Charlie Hunnam throws himself into the role of real-life escapee Henri Charrière, but Michael Noer’s direction loses it grip 

Mary Poppins Returns review: Pays homage, but finds its own footing

Sometimes it pays to wait. Half a century on, her allure hasn’t faded at all

Disobedience review: Rachel Weisz stars in erotically charged drama

Its sex scenes aren't especially graphic but have a power and emotional kick because of the characters’ pent-up lust for one another

Peterloo review: Mike Leigh's period drama has immediacy and anger

It will ensure that the bloody events in St Peter’s Fields nearly 200 years ago are put back on the radar of politicians, historians and cultural commentators alike