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Theresa May must put an end to Brexit groundhog day

As today’s events make clear, once again, the only way to break the deadlock is to allow the British people their democratic right to a fresh referendum

Baby leave rules are a test of parliament’s commitment to equal rights

The Independent is not in favour of electronic voting in the House of Commons, but proxies would be a sensible reform

Donald Trump may have met his match in Nancy Pelosi

She is a skilful politician, she is resistant to Mr Trump’s bullying, and will treat his angry tweets with the contempt they so richly deserve. She is, to borrow a fashionable phrase, a grown-up in the room

Brexit is a tragic diversion of resources from the real priorities

Every now and again Theresa May reminds herself, and us, of her promise to fight the ‘burning injustices’ of Britain today – but then is distracted by the government’s all-consuming nightmare

The grammar-comprehensive school advantage gap has never been so wide

Experiments in new types of schools and the expansion of the higher and further education sectors may help ameliorate matters, but social mobility is on a fast decline