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Tom Peck It’s no surprise May didn't like being called nebulous. She is

‘Vague, ill-defined, ambiguous, muddy, opaque’ are the most popular synonyms for ‘nebulous’. Do those words, as someone once said, remind you of anybody?

Dan Carden The Tories must understand that overseas aid and arms deals don't mix

Poverty is political, and years of unfair trade-deals, tax dodging and the rapacious extraction of natural resources from the world’s poorest countries have resulted in a very man-made crisis

Aurelie Dianara This is the most uncomfortable truth about the French protests

To the demands of the gilets jaunes for participation in decision-making and greater control over their own lives, Macron has no response except declarations of vague intentions for ‘consultations’

Tom Peck May begged EU leaders for help. They told her, 'Nothing has changed.'

What a farewell tour it was for the Prime Minister. Everywhere she went she held out the mic and they shouted back her greatest hit.

Robert Fisk Time's person of the year ignores America's relationship with power

The osmotic-parasitic relationship which still exists between power and the American media is as powerful as ever – it’s merely more discreet under the Trump regime