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Andy Martin Why are we in love with the Second World War and is it good for us?

This month the BFI is showing ‘Where Eagles Dare’ on its 50th anniversary, which raises the questions ­– what makes this film endure and what is the source of its ‘obdurate power and ageless magic’. Andy Martin reckons it's all about our love affair with the Second World War

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James Moore Competition for a spot in baseball's Hall of Fame reaches fever pitch

Possession of a plaque establishes a player in the pantheon of the game’s greats, but getting into the hall is no easy matter and the decision process is shrouded in controversey, writes James Moore

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Christine Manby What’s your name?

Continuing her series tackling socially unacceptable questions, Christine Manby considers a question that begins with parents and ends with the rest of our lives 

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Ed Kessler The A-Z of Believing: W is for Words

Can religion get lost in translation? Ed Kessler, head of the Woolf Institute, presents the 23rd part in a series on belief and scepticism

The best TVs and home entertainment systems to watch the NFL playoffs

Find the perfect centrepiece to your living room just in time to watch some play-off football. 

The best lingerie to treat yourself - or a loved one

From sexy one-piece, two-piece to seductive cover-up, velvet, lace or mesh, these will guarantee a perfect match

Russian pop star linked to Trump cancels US tour amid arrest fears

Emin Agalarov helped arrange controversial 2016 Trump Tower meeting 

Amazon builds vest for workers to protect them from robots

The wearable technology in being introduced following a warehouse accident involving a robot

World economy must become 'circular' to avoid climate disaster

Rather than continually extracting new materials to fuel the economy there is “vast scope” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by re-using, re-manufacturing and re-cycling

The 10 best Cate Blanchett films

As the Australian actor appears in a controversial new play at the National Theatre, we count down her most memorable on-screen performances