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What if Nick Clegg had gone into coalition with Labour in 2010?

As we approach another point in our country’s history when the choices made by a few will be momentous, John Rentoul reimagines one of contemporary politics’ biggest hinge moments


Vince Cable’s big speech: What he said – and what he really meant

Our chief political commentator imagines what was going through the leader’s mind as he addressed the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton

Tim Farron's gay sex beliefs mocked by Lib Dems

‘For every interview, no matter when or where or whom, has gay sex in common too. It’s a sin’


Tories suffer collapse in membership fee income of more than 40%

Both Labour and the Liberal Democrats saw income from members rise in 2017

Clegg backs Independent's campaign for referendum on final Brexit deal

It comes as petition demanding a fresh vote on the Brexit deal attracted over a quarter of a million signatures in just 48 hours



Nick Clegg’s knighthood won’t save the Lib Dems

As a political party we can and should be proud of our achievements in government – but it’s addressing the present and changing the future that matters, not celebrating our past glories

Will Corbyn surge to a new voting high in 2018?

The biggest electoral test in the coming year for Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable is the local council elections on 3 May. Our Chief Political Commentator previews the contests