Corbyn says he does not know how he would vote in fresh referendum

Labour leader says fresh vote could be an 'option for the future' but not today


Brexit 'can be stopped', Labour's Keir Starmer says

Party’s official policy is to leave all options on the table, including the prospect of a second referendum

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Is a four-day working week economically feasible?

Analysis: What’s the argument for such a reform? How could it be implemented? And what would the impact be on the economy? Ben Chu explains


Final Say: More than 100,000 protesters expected in London

‘Brexit is not inevitable, whatever the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage might want us to believe’

Government’s treatment of college staff is ‘disgraceful’, Corbyn says

'We stand today for properly funded colleges and properly paid staff,' Labour leader tells crowd. 'We stand today for the principles of education for all as a right'



Labour runners and riders: Which female MP could succeed Corbyn?

John McDonnell says the next Labour leader needs to be a woman

Barry Gardiner: Labour's Brexit policy is 'Looney Tunes territory'

The Shadow Trade Secretary said he wanted to 'inject some realism' into the debate