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Labour 'highly likely' to back plan to block no-deal Brexit

Move to delay Brexit until end of 2019 - unless a deal passes by the end of February - appears to have the numbers

Labour heavyweights put party closer to backing new Brexit referendum

Emily Thornberry vows that if Theresa May refuses to drop red lines or concede election ‘then of course our policy is that we will go for a people’s vote’

May has ‘no chance’ of getting her deal through parliament – Starmer

Shadow Brexit secretary to call for MPs to hold ‘open and frank debate’ to find ‘credible solutions’ to current crisis

Gove brands Labour's Brexit plans 'b*****ks' in Commons

'We now know from Labour's own frontbench that their official Brexit position is b*****ks'

Corbyn's Brexit whoppers are becoming too big to keep a lid on

Corbyn’s latest Brexit ploy is to tell the public to forget about it and move on, and who better to help them do it than a man who never cared about it in the first place?

Labour top team split on when to table no-confidence motion in May

Labour leader rebuffs demands from MPs, members and some shadow ministers for swift action to force Commons vote

Review into denial of NHS care to overseas patients kept secret

Exclusive: Study appears to expose care being wrongly denied – with confusion over when it ‘should be safely withheld if payment is not provided’