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Gun No 6: The trail of misery left by 'Britain's deadliest firearm'

Despite 11 shootings including three murders, the 9mm handgun has never been found by UK police, and may still be on the streets today 

How might Kavanaugh shape abortion, gun control, and impeachment law

Confirmation likely to push America’s highest court to the right for a generation and give Republicans swing vote in ideologically charged legislation

Levi Strauss backs gun control campaign

Firm 'cannot stand by silently when it comes to the issues that threaten the very fabric of the communities where we live and work'

Man wearing clown mask shot dead after attacking restaurant staff

Camera footage from inside the restaurant said to reveal how incident unfolded

Parents outraged by video game where players can shoot students

The company that developed the game say that it does not promote violence

New York passes bill to strip all guns from domestic abusers

President’s inaction on firearms regulation criticised as state aims to break cycle of domestic and gun violence

TV host takes week's vacation after mocking Florida shooting survivor

Gun-control campaigner urges her to 'have healthy reflections' for Easter