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Prevent duty is limiting texts and topics students access, experts say

‘We are entering a situation where thought becomes dangerous,’ one professor warns

Free speech only counts when you're on the right in Trump's America

What is notable about both cases is how the right used the form of dissent, either Bee’s language or the NFL players protesting the anthem, as a way to shift the terms of debate

This is why Laura Ingraham is no defender of free speech

Ironically, it seems that it will only be bile spitting conservatives, and maybe worse, that can we can expect to see on The Ingraham Angle’s new feature

Oxford university warns not looking someone in the eye can be 'racist'

The university's equality and diversity unit highlight casual racism as an issue on campus, including joking about someone’s accent or asking where they are 'originally' from

Ann Coulter speech cancelled over fears of violent university protests

Decision comes just a few months after similar invitation to right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos withdrawn after outcry

LSESU rejects motion to ban Speakeasy free speech society

LSE has had a 'shocking score' when it comes to banning free speech, according to 2016's Free Speech University Rankings

Campaign urges universities to ‘challenge’, not ban, speakers

Movement will ensure universities are able to display 'a rich tapestry of ideas' while also challenging extremism