May is delivering the will of the Brexit extremists, not of the people

From taking office May set out her stall as a born-again hard Brexiteer, promising to pull Britain out of the single market and customs union


Why abortion remains illegal in Northern Ireland

Labour MPs in Westminster are now seeking to reform the law in the absence of the power-sharing Assembly in Northern Ireland

Brexiteers accused of using firearms debate for 'proxy row' over EU

'If you think hijacking an important firearms debate for a proxy row over Brexit is acceptable, you're not fit for public office' said Labour's Louise Haigh


If the Troubles return post-Brexit, it won't just be due to the border

The British government is removing essential building blocks of the Good Friday Agreement such as human rights and a non-partisan position between unionists and nationalists

Protests to mark 589 days of no government in Northern Ireland

Politicians in the country 'should be embarrassed' by the situation, says SDLP leader Colum Eastwood



Today the EU gave way to Theresa May at the negotiating table

Now we know that nothing much will change for 21 months, and that there won't be an ousting of the Prime Minister by her own party members

EU sets midnight on Sunday deadline for Theresa May to agree deal

The PM is yet to return to Brussels after talks collapsed