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MPs and business leaders protest at identical Brexit ‘plan B’

Jeremy Corbyn attacks 'groundhog day', while senior Tories warn UK is 'laughing stock' as prime minister pretends 'last week’s vote never happened'

It doesn’t take a year to organise a referendum

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The US and Britain have been driven to gridlock by futile obstinacy

Trump and May equate bending to breaking – and seem bent upon breaking their countries as a result

May to face Lords ambush that would scupper her Brexit trade plans

Exclusive: Peers set to shelve trade bill in anger over threats to food safety and animal welfare - but it is essential if the UK crashes out of EU

The one simple reason most will never change their minds about Brexit

In our hearts we all know that if we continue the way we are our children will grow up to live in an even more fragmented and tribally violent world. The tragedy is that even while knowing this, we do nothing

Ministers should delay Brexit to hold 'public hearings' - Gordon Brown

Former prime minister calls for regional assemblies to be set up to give public more control over EU withdrawal 

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Jon Stone What is the EU doing to prepare for a no-deal Brexit?

Analysis: In many respects the EU’s preparations for a no-deal scenario are more advanced than the UK’s, says Jon Stone