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Anti-EU 'yellow vest' James Goddard used to live in Spain

Self-declared patriot voiced wish to move to US and called UK ‘crazy rock full of liberal arseholes’

Why we can't let Tommy Robinson be the voice of Brexit

To conflate fascism with Leave voters not only provides him with what he wants – leadership – but negates all legitimate criticism of the EU and reasons for voting to leave

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Joe Watts Farage may have gone but don't assume Ukip is a spent force

Several senior figures have now left the party, concerned at the direction being taken by current leader Gerard Batten. But a lurch to the right may lead Ukip into fertile territory

Nigel Farage is ‘considering running to be Mayor of London’

The former Ukip leader has run for parliament on seven occasions - and lost each time

Nigel Farage portrait displayed at Royal Academy goes unsold

'He’s Mr Brexit isn’t he,' says artist David Griffiths

Jo Marney defends calling Grenfell 'nest of illegal immigrants'

'Who can realistically say they have never said anything offensive in private?'

Sketch: Henry Bolton's girlfriend Jo Marney is not a 'private racist'

Henry Bolton sat on the ‘This Morning’ sofa speaking in an air of bewilderment about the ‘communication subculture’ of the ‘younger generation’, until Phillip Schofield reminded him he was going out with one of them, and she was sitting next to him