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MPs and business leaders protest at identical Brexit ‘plan B’

Jeremy Corbyn attacks 'groundhog day', while senior Tories warn UK is 'laughing stock' as prime minister pretends 'last week’s vote never happened'

Tory minister urges PM to rule out 'absolute disaster' of no deal

'I’ve seen what may well happen with this cut off-date, crashing out in my view - is an absolute disaster'

Theresa May 'considers amending Good Friday Agreement'

Move is an attempt to avoid signing up to backstop detested by her MPs, reports say

Ministers should delay Brexit to hold 'public hearings' - Gordon Brown

Former prime minister calls for regional assemblies to be set up to give public more control over EU withdrawal 

Downing Street prepares Brexit referendum document

Officials later said the document had dealt only with a new vote’s potential scheduling to ‘inform discussions’

MPs must avoid ‘catastrophic’ no-deal Brexit, business groups warn

There is growing frustration and anger among UK companies, trade body says, due to a lack of answers to basic questions 

Brexit defeat makes history as biggest ever government loss in Commons

Result also sets record as the biggest Tory rebellion of modern times