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Ben Chu How badly could Brexit disrupt farming exports from Northern Ireland?

Analysis: Many farmers in Northern Ireland send milk and other produce across the Irish border for processing and re-export. How grave are the potential problems they face? Ben Chu looks at the evidence

Northern Ireland has now been without a government for 2 years

Our political representatives are engaged in an appalling dereliction of duty just as we are poised to face the brunt of Brexit. The people of Northern Ireland deserve better

Why is there no government in Northern Ireland?

The region has reached the world record for the longest period without a government 

Ironically, women are facing the death penalty for abortions in Ohio

This is the stuff of Handmaid’s Tale nightmares: the rights granted to the foetus would be greater than ever before, and women would effectively have no choice over their own bodies

Dozens of NHS trusts fail key waiting-time targets for a year

NHS Providers chief warns this winter likely to be even more challenging than last year

MPs pass bill demanding legalisation of abortion in Northern Ireland

Ministers including Penny Mordaunt back calls for change, raising prospect of major Cabinet row

Northern Irish people deserve equal access to human rights

The dysfunction of politicians should not mean the disavowal of the rights of the people of Northern Ireland