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‘Mean-spirited and callous’: UN condemns British government's treatment of country's poorest

Levels of child poverty are 'not just a disgrace, but a social calamity and an economic disaster', damning report reveals


Easter Island demands British Museum return 'moai' statue

Delegation offers to swap Hoa Hakananai'a for another figure carved by contemporary local sculptor


Caroline Lucas May’s Brexit is dead – a Final Say is the only route out of the chaos

The prime minister clearly doesn’t have the numbers to get her deal through parliament. Only a public vote can now break the political deadlock


How Ezra Miller became the style icon we all need

The actor has become the style icon we all need


Facebook admits telling employees not to use iPhones

Tim Cook criticised the social media firm over user privacy following the Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Japan's cybersecurity minister admits he has never used a computer

Yoshitaka Sakurada also seemed to admit he doesn't know what a USB is

How Fleetwood Mac keep rising from the ashes of their self-destruction

The storied band have found a home for themselves teetering on the brink of implosion – unwilling, or perhaps unable, to let each other go. Their new anniversary album, '50 Years – Don't Stop', could hardly be more aptly titled, writes Alexandra Pollard

Yxng Bane isn't the Heartbreak Kid – he's Heartbroken

The 22-year-old artist is becoming one of the UK's most exciting new faces. He speaks exclusively with Roisin O'Connor about his new mixtape HBK, selling out 2,000 capacity venues, and the fallouts that come with early fame  

Business leaders urge MPs to back May's deal as turmoil intensifies

'Parliamentarians have got to put aside personal ideologies and definitely career ambitions,' says Iceland boss

Virgin Media should pay up and shut up in wake of Ofcom fine

CEO Tom Mockridge says £7m penalty is "not justified, proportionate or reasonable"

Woman 'slashed across bottom' by attacker who then fled in London

CCTV shows man sneaking up on young woman from behind