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More than 140 rescued refugees taken to Libya despite violence

'Survivors tell us they suffer torture, forced labour, physical and sexual violence,' UNHCR spokesperson says

Tanzania forest granted protection after nearing destruction

'When I first began work in the forest 15 years ago it was clearly a biologically important place, but it rang with the sound of axes and machetes,' says project leader

Nairobi death toll rises to 21 after terror attack at hotel complex

British man killed in siege named as international development charity worker Luke Potter

Dozens feared dead after oil tanker explosion in Nigeria

Police confirm at least 12 deaths but some residents put death toll closer to 60 people

Ethiopia's reforms are great for women, but will it tackle harassment?

The outfits hanging along the wall are simple: a long dress, a purple shawl, a checkered T-shirt. Most are also quite small because the girls who were raped while wearing them were all in their teens at the time – some as young as 12.