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MPs and business leaders protest at identical Brexit ‘plan B’

Jeremy Corbyn attacks 'groundhog day', while senior Tories warn UK is 'laughing stock' as prime minister pretends 'last week’s vote never happened'

Theresa May 'considers amending Good Friday Agreement'

Move is an attempt to avoid signing up to backstop detested by her MPs, reports say

Labour denies reports it has lost 150,000 members over Brexit stance

Senior figures say membership still stands at more than 500,000 and claims of drop off are 'just wrong'

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Jon Stone Does the EU want to expand to include more countries like Turkey?

Analysis: Turkey may be an EU candidate country, but this is why it isn’t going to join, says Jon Stone

Plan for parliament to seize control of Brexit gains momentum

One of the authors of the plan has also ministers could resign if Theresa May tries to block it