Massive hoard of mummified cats found in ancient Egyptian tombs

Necropolis south of Cairo contains wealth of preserved creatures and statues


Andean flamingos lay eggs for first time in 15 years after UK heatwave

Wildlife experts say the incredible feat was made possible because the sweltering heat mimicked the hot, humid conditions that the flamingos normally experience in their natural habitat

Skeletons dating back 7,000 years discovered in Mexican cave

Remains of humans chronicle transition from hunting to sedentary lifestyle


'Extraordinary' discovery revealed by tomb raiders' tunnels in Pompeii

Illegal passages dug by artefact-hunters lead archaeologists to unearth first horse found at site of volcanic eruption


World's oldest tattoo art found on mummy in British Museum

Pictures of animals daubed onto man's arm 5,200 years discovered after new infrared examination