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Pawel Adamowicz: Gdansk mayor and civil rights champion in Poland

A proud Christian and patriot, the much-loved politician spoke out against bigotry in a country of whose rising hate crime he became a victim

Dean Ford: singer with Sixties chart-toppers The Marmalade

Ford's group scored a number 1 with a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’ in 1969; he co-wrote the band’s other hits, which would help to sustain him when the lean times came

Sister Wendy Beckett: Nun who became a celebrated BBC art critic

Wowing millions with wit as a presenter never distracted her from her deeper calling – being alone with God

Ray Sawyer: Eye patch-wearing Dr Hook singer and percussionist

His resemblance to Captain Hook in ‘Peter Pan’ inspired the name of the soft-rock band that gave us ‘Sylvia’s Mother’, ‘When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman’ and ‘Sexy Eyes’

Sir Aaron Klug: Nobel-prize winning giant of molecular biology

Educated in South Africa, he became a leading member of the scientific community in Britain who was renowned for his work in crystallographic electron microscopy

Olivia Hooker: One of the last survivors of the Tulsa race massacre

She was six years old when hundreds of black people died and thousands more lost their homes in one of America’s worst episodes of racist violence