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Patrick Cockburn Brexit: How austerity convinced residents to vote Leave

In the second in his series examining Britain in the age of Brexit, Patrick Cockburn meets residents in a Canterbury suburb who feel under siege

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Shehab Khan Brexit Britain has forgotten its crucial role in shaping Europe

As the negotiations continue, it is important to appreciate how much influence the UK has wielded on the continent over the past 75 years

End of the rainbow: How Turkey is lagging behind on LGBTQ+ rights

What happens when an ever more visible community of activists and creatives comes up against an ever more repressive regime? For refugees in Turkey, queer or trans, life is becoming increasingly similar to the reality they chose to flee from in their homeland

How leaders are turning democracy into a tool of oppression

Autocracy is making a comeback, seeping into parts of the world where it once appeared to have been vanquished. But it is a sleeker, subtler and ultimately more sophisticated version than its authoritarian forebears

Scientists are putting trackers on bats to stop a deadly virus

The deadly Marburg virus kills 9 in 10. Experts know it starts in bats, they know when it spreads to humans it’s lethal, but they don’t know what happens in between