How the west is profiting from modern slavery

In Phnom Penh, modernisation has been fuelled by forced adult and child labour – just one example of how exploitation is embedded in systems of global commerce and growth

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A View from the Top: Jacqueline de Rojas on discrimination in tech

The president of techUK made her way in the industry despite facing discrimination as a woman and coming from an ethnic minority – and she’s determined to see the sector change, she tells Caitlin Morrison


Why California was right to enforce gender diversity in boardrooms

State governor Jerry Brown’s new law might not be perfect, but – at a time when just 5 per cent of firms have a female chief executive – the legislation can go a long way to narrowing the opportunity gap over the long term

A View from the Top: Craig Donaldson, chief executive of Metro Bank

One of the few UK banks increasing branch numbers, Metro Bank does things differently, writes Andy Martin, including opening on Sundays and referring to 'fans', not customers


Why countries are competing in happiness rankings

A global movement for transforming current economic models to one based on wellbeing is gathering support


This is why the Turkish lira has slumped to a record low

What’s driving it down? And what does it mean for Turkey and others?