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Major banks 'charging more to borrow money than payday lenders'

The magazine found that some RBS customers could face costs of £90, while customers at Lloyds, HSBC and TSB could face £80

The high street scandal that makes the poor pay more for less

Now social lenders have a plan to make buying household goods more affordable and help people escape the clutches of rent-to-own firms

Payday loans: There are better options

Struggling people frozen out by mainstream lenders can turn to better options – even if their credit rating isn't the best, says Andrew Hagger

Don't be led astray by 0% credit cards

Adverts and price comparison sites tempt you towards the longest zero per cent plastic on the market. Yet some consumers simply want a low-rate credit card with no introductory gimmicks

Will your credit card rewards be scrapped following new EU rules on

Providers are unhappy with new EU rules - but ultimately it is customers who will have to foot the bill