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A Year of British Murder: An ambitious profile that goes ‘beyond the statistics’

This is a fine piece of documentary-making that generates a deep sense of empathy

Germany says UK should ‘think again’ over Brexit through second referendum

Europe minister Michael Roth suggests Final Say referendum might be a good idea

Will Gore Accusing the BBC of bias over Diane Abbott is a step too far

By calling into question the motives of impartial, independent outlets, critics empower alternative ‘news’ media that wear prejudice as a badge of honour  

Ben Kelly The people of Derry have rejected violence – we’re never going back

Politicians in London should take note too, as they pursue a Brexit which could cause major disruption in Northern Ireland – this incident is a timely reminder that the peace we enjoy is fragile

Diane Abbott The way I was treated on Question Time was a disgrace

TV production teams need to reflect before they wind up live audiences against particular politicians. It may result in ‘good television’ but it can easily turn ugly

Japan launches satellite to create artificial meteor shower

JAXA's Epsilon-4 rocket carries satellite developed by Astro Live Experiences that will deliver display above Hiroshima

Twitter bug made people's private tweets public, company admits

Protecting tweets is supposed to keep them private, and is used by people whose posts might endanger them

Oscar nominations predictions: From A Star is Born to Roma

Will 'Roma' or 'A Star is Born' come out on top? And what are 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Green Book''s chances? 

Asa Butterfield: 'I didn’t know vaginismus existed before this show'

The star of 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' and 'Hugo' speaks with Alexandra Pollard about playing a schoolboy sex therapist in the new Netflix series alongside Gillian Anderson  

Kabuki: The traditional Japanese theatre transformed by technology

...but for all the forward steps, women are still not allowed to perform. Ben Swindlehurst reports

US culture inspires young immigrants’ American Dream

These young people have travelled thousands of miles in the hope finding a better future in America. In the Mexican border city of Tijuana, they tell their stories

World economy must become 'circular' to avoid climate disaster

Rather than continually extracting new materials to fuel the economy there is “vast scope” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by re-using, re-manufacturing and re-cycling

Pessimism among UK companies jumps due to Brexit, research shows

The findings emerged as the IMF cut its global growth outlook on Monday

Skier's helmet cam captures moment Israel intercepts missile

Attempted strike followed by rare Israeli daylight raid in near Damascus airport