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Something smashed into the blood moon during the lunar eclipse

It is probably the first time a meteor impact has been filmed in such detail

WhatsApp update to limit people sharing messages with their friends

Five-message rule has already been put in place in India, but now comes to the rest of the world

Lunar eclipse stuns skygazers – if they were able to see it

It's the last opportunity to see the bright red moon until 2021

Facebook says it is not using 10-year challenge to train its AI

Critics have suggested the old photos could be a goldmine for Facebook's data-harvesting operations

WhatsApp update: New feature brings latest fingerprint security to app

Android and iOS phones with biometric scanner will support the anti-snooping tool

How Xiaomi is taking on Apple and Samsung by word of mouth

Ahead of the launch of the innovative Mi Mix 3 smartphone, The Independent sits down with Xiaomi executive Xiang Wang to learn how it plans to challenge Apple and Samsung