Editorial The Independent’s Final Say petition has reached a million signatures

A chaotic approach thus far has delivered infighting, resignations and party politics – but little progress on the key issues that people care about

Andrew Adonis The people have spoken – now politicians must offer a Final Say

More than one million of you called on government for another vote on Brexit, but we can't stop here. Next, we must force our elected representatives to act in the best interests of this country


Caroline Lucas May’s Brexit is dead – a Final Say is the only route out of the chaos

The prime minister clearly doesn’t have the numbers to get her deal through parliament. Only a public vote can now break the political deadlock

Benjamin Kentish MPs could be handed chance to force fresh Brexit referendum

Government could let MPs vote on amendments before 'meaningful vote' on Brexit deal itself - raising prospect of conditions being added before agreement is approved 


Lizzy Buchan Anti-Brexit campaigners target 50 Tory MPs in push for new referendum

More than 670,000 people attended a march to demand a second referendum on leaving the EU


Eleanor Busby University staff back calls for referendum on final Brexit deal

‘The government must give people a final say over the country’s biggest decision for a generation’