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Adam Forrest Majority of Britons back Final Say vote on deal, according to biggest poll since referendum

New poll offers evidence Labour would be punished by voters if it backs Brexit

Rob Merrick Labour heavyweights put party closer to backing new Brexit referendum

Emily Thornberry vows that if Theresa May refuses to drop red lines or concede election ‘then of course our policy is that we will go for a people’s vote’

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Benjamin Kentish What would happen if a second referendum delivered another Leave vote?

Analysis: Amid so much political confusion a second referendum would help clarify what voters want to happen, whatever its outcome, as Ben Kentish explains

Peter Stubley Lord Hattersley backs second referendum on Brexit

More than 170 events held across the country ahead of crucial Commons vote

Joe Watts New Brexit referendum most popular path if PM’s deal rejected - poll

Exclusive: A fresh vote received more support than any of the four other options put to the public, including allowing the PM to go back to Brussels or a no-deal Brexit

John Rentoul It’s 100 days to Brexit – but can it be done in time?

Even if Theresa May eventually wins the vote in parliament to approve the Brexit deal, there is important legislation that has to be passed, and the European parliament has to approve it too

Richard Morgan Britain Before Brexit: a portrait of Wales and its people

The Independent’s photographer Richard Morgan is examining his own country in the midst of Brexit’s chaos, scrutinising the contrasts of contemporary Britain and the ambivalence of modern Britishness. This week: Wales