Robert Fisk

Middle East Correspondent

Robert Fisk is The Independent’s multi-award-winning Middle East correspondent, based in Beirut. He has lived in the Arab world for more than 40 years, covering the war in Syria and Lebanon, five Israeli invasions, the Iran-Iraq war, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the Algerian civil war, Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, the Bosnian and Kosovo wars, the American invasion and occupation of Iraq and the 2011 Arab revolutions.

We can remember the Great War – but Palestinians still have to live it

For those refugees, still in their hovels and shacks as a result of the Balfour Declaration, the First World War never ended

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Why journalists should be haunted by history

When news of the Holocaust first hit papers, it didn't make the front page – now, writers report impending wars that never materialise. Both approaches are dangerous, says Robert Fisk


In the West Bank, some are unsure if Trump is a friend to Israel

‘Just because [Jared Kushner’s] Jewish, it doesn’t mean he would protect us’

I can't see how a Palestinian state can ever happen

The European parliament has been much exercised about Khan al-Ahmar, warning that the Israelis would be committing a war crime if they demolished the herding village