Mary Dejevsky

Mary Dejevsky is an Independent columnist on foreign affairs, having previously been the title’s foreign correspondent in Moscow, Paris and Washington. She has written about the collapse of communism from inside Moscow, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Iraq War and is a key authority on Russian politics, and on diplomatic relations between the Kremlin and the west.

Trump is much stronger now than you're being told

The Democrats’ achievement in winning a majority in the House may not necessarily prove as beneficial to their cause as it might appear. Nor might it be such a harbinger of better fortunes in the 2020 presidential race as the party might hope

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The Cold War is over: Why can't the west accept it?

Four decades ago, Mary Dejevsky spent a year as an exchange student in the Soviet Union. On her return this year, she found much had changed for the better and wonders why western narratives about Russia are still stuck in the past 


Ireland is closer than ever to unification because of Brexit

When you travel to Derry, as I did this week, and listen to what people are actually saying about Brexit and the British government, it’s not entirely what you’d expect

Global warming could actually be good for the UK (yes, seriously)

You may feel that the long-term survival of endangered habitats is a cause far more noble than the short-term evolution of a more laid-back and fitter Britain, but there are some upsides to a warmer climate