Mark Steel

Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian, radio presenter and Independent columnist. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally.

Is May’s Brexit plan the fairest? Everyone does hate it, I suppose

If only someone had pointed out to Brexit supporters at some point that the reality of leaving might result in us being worse off. Still, they’ll know for next time

Trump will definitely be open to compromises with Democrats – probably

When he makes up a story of a ‘caravan’ of dirty Hondurans heading towards the border to destroy the country, just reply: ‘With respect, Mr President, we’d like to make up that there’s only a Winnebago of dirty Hondurans’, and see if you can meet in the middle


A Pope who wants to stop all child abuse is maybe too radical

When an institution sexually abuses children on an industrial scale, you won’t win back trust easily. You need to demonstrate you truly understand the scale of what you’ve inflicted, preferably by going without breakfast one morning

Islamic fundamentalist Jeremy Corbyn should be ashamed of himself

Corbyn supported every gay rights campaign at a time when it was considered extremist to do so. And the way he managed to be an extremist Islamic fundamentalist and an extremist gay rights fanatic at the same time only shows how dangerous he is