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Mark Steel

Mark Steel is a stand-up comedian, radio presenter and Independent columnist. He enjoys writing his column because no one ever takes it literally.

We won't praise the PM's resilience when things get worse

This is sparkly British determination to see the good in someone. But Theresa May breaks records for scales of disaster every day and grins as if everything’s turned out fine

Project Fear tactics have gone into overdrive

By showing what happens when everyone in charge is an idiot, perhaps the behaviour of MPs over the last two years has been in preparation for a no-deal Brexit all along

Why not let the DUP run the whole of the British government?

The good news is that instead of dull press conferences, the Bank of England will be asked to announce all future changes in interest rates by painting them on a mural in East Belfast with someone on a white horse

Why does Theresa May deserve praise for backtracking on bad policy?

Of few meaningful announcements, the prime minister promised to allow councils to borrow money to build houses, which councils have been demanding – and the Tories have opposed – for decades