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Jonathan Liew


Jonathan Liew is the Chief Sports Writer of The Independent. Jonathan’s industry-leading commentary on everything from darts to the Champions League final is second to none.

Holder responds to Boycott's ‘outspoken’ comments

England captain Boycott described the West Indies team as 'very ordinary, average cricketers'

Root warns against looking beyond West Indies series

'I don’t want the guys to be playing for stuff that’s going to be happening in six months’ time,' Root said. 'We have to look after the here and now'

Believe what you want, but Kane is the complete striker at Spurs

Kane’s insatiable lust for improvement has made him indispensable in almost every phase of the game, and luckily for Spurs it looks like he’s going nowhere

Sub-par Spurs tough it out in yet another hint at London power shift

The fact that Tottenham are now winning these sorts of games in this attritional manner hints at a further shift in the balance of power between these two clubs