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John Rentoul

John Rentoul is The Independent’s chief political commentator, having worked for the title since 1995. He is also visiting professor at King’s College, London, and a prominent tweeter. He is the author of a biography of Tony Blair, among other books. As well as writing widely on politics, he contributes a weekly top 10 and Mea Culpa, a column about questions of style and usage

In a bizarre turn of events, May could now get her Brexit deal through

If the bill Cooper will table on Monday goes through, it could change everything

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John Rentoul Brexit: Can the PM give Stormont a veto on the Irish border backstop?

Analysis: The PM is desperate to convince the DUP to back her deal, but may be making promises that cannot be kept, says John Rentoul

Britain’s shifting political landscape: anything could happen in 2019

Events are increasingly hard to predict, but John Rentoul gives it a shot anyway