Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter is a broadcaster, writer, former editor of The Independent on Sunday and current Independent columnist, well-known for her regular appearances on ‘Loose Women’. She has won several TV awards including a Bafta for originality and has written two memoirs.

What did the people of California do to deserve Trump visiting?

A presidential visit will accomplish nothing, cost a fortune and just allow this terminal narcissist another photo opportunity

These days everyone's a victim – even the ‘male, stale and pale’

Post MeToo, how do we approach issues like Beyoncé cutting ties with Philip Green? Or Jasvinder Sanghera and her claims against Lord Lester?


Dogs might be unintelligent, but they're good for something

After four days with my partner’s dog – Badger the border terrier – it’s easy to believe dogs are intellectually on par with a goat

Why girls should be able to watch ‘Love Island’ and still be feminists

We never ask if men are struggling to balance work and family and leisure, whether watching hours of programmes about sport impacts on their abilities to make sensible judgements and make the right life choices