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May has returned from Brussels empty-handed – but there's hope

There appears to be some goodwill remaining for the UK, and it is perfectly possible that, in a month’s time or so, Ms May will be given some sort of piece of paper with the kinds of formulations she is demanding

May's chances of success with this withdrawal agreement are poor

There is a lazy assumption that this sort of fudge is how Brussels does business, and that nothing much ever gets agreed before a hard deadline actually stares the diplomats and politicians in the face

Theresa May will have a tough time selling Brexit at the G20

We find few leaders who even believe in a free-trading globalised rules-based economy, let alone have any interest in cooperating in economic and financial policies

The Conservative case for a Final Say referendum grows stronger

Former ministers Justine Greening and Jo Johnson have reinforced the practical and political arguments for a new referendum